Security Safes

Safe Opening

We specialise in non-destructive safe opening in various ways. The method of opening usually depends on the circumstances, such as whether you have lost or misplaced the key or the batteries have lost power to the keypad. You could also have misplaced the code to a dial combination.

We always have a solution to open your safe. With over 30 years experience in this field you can be rest assured that you have come to the right place.

If you have a safe that is no longer in production we can open it, remove the lock and cut a key, this is an ideal solution when the safe is installed into a wall or floor as it will be able to be used again without having to replace the safe.

Safe Installation

Depending on the type of safe, there are different methods of installation, but all methods of our installations are insurance approved.

If your insurance company requires a specialised safe for an additional policy for watches wedding/engagement rings or other expensive jewellery, these safes can be ordered bespoke to your insurance company’s request.

We also have general safes in stock for passports money laptops and cameras which are ideal for holiday homes/apartments as they all work on keypad access which can be changed with ease for each individual holiday maker giving them confidence that they can use their own code for the duration of their stay.

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