Some people have heard of a Master Suited System, but to be fair many have not, so in this article we hope to explain in more detail what they are and of course, what the benefit of a master suited key system is for your Costa del Sol home.

Security of Spain offers a full range of master key suiting systems.

The easiest way to explain how the master key suiting system works is to provide some examples.

Let’s assume you have a house with individual rooms that are locked for additional security reasons. You could provide your cleaner with one key that opens all the different rooms internally. You may also have a maintenance person that looks after the external aspects of a property and in that case, they should only have access to external doors and outside areas. The key provided to them will only open the relevant external doors.

Quite simply the cleaner and the maintenance person will have different degrees of access to your property.

The key you have yourself will of course open both internal and external doors.

The above is just a very simplified example of the master key system. You can of course break the levels of access down even further to suit your individual needs.

Here at Security of Spain, we can create a Master Suited System specifically tailored to your individual needs with a comprehensive range of locks.

There are different types of Master suited systems which range from a lower cost five pin security system to eleven pin restricted section keys for patented key protection which provide enhanced levels of security for your home.

Who could benefit from Master Suited Keys?

The list is vast but some examples for the Costa del Sol could be holiday home owners, who wish to have certain rooms in the property for their own storage and therefore not allow access to the people renting the property.

Junior staff in shops could be given access to certain areas but not where additional stock is stored.

Gardeners can be given access to the main entrance, sheds and storage but not to the house.

Pool maintenance could be given access to the entrance and the pool pump room only.

The options really are endless, and your circumstances could well be different to another person’s, that is why we offer tailored solutions.

If you would like to have a chat about the different types of Master Suited Key Systems then give us a call. We are the leading English Locksmith on the Costa del Sol based close to the popular tourist and residential area of Fuengirola.