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As well as supply and installation, we can also repair your existing equipment.

Sun Blinds (persianas): We can repair your sun blinds if you have issues with missing or broken slats or broken cords. It is an important service because many clients assume that when their persianas are broken, they need to be replaced. Thankfully much of the time this is not true, they just need repairing.

Motorised Electric Security Shutter, these are reinforced auto locking systems and are operated by remote control or by a switch, They are aluminium powder coated finish for extra protection These are the shutters you may have on your windows or doors that either use via a switch or a remote to open and shut them.

They have an electric mechanism. Sometimes they can get stuck or slats can become broken. Our team can come along and fix them for you and even replace broken slats.

If you have shutters or blinds that are broken or missing sections, before you go ahead and spend money on replacements, why not get in touch to see if they can be repaired?

Motorised Security Shutters

Why Choose a Rolling Security Shutter System?

Securing your home is an emotional decision as much as it is a logical one. When we think of our home here on the Costa del Sol, we think of our loved ones, spouses, parents, children, pets, our treasured property and our personal space. It’s probably the most important physical thing in your life. That’s why protecting it is so crucial. Many properties in Spain are fitted with persianas which are designed to keep out bright sunlight but not intruders. The threat of break-ins is a worrying prospect, especially in higher-risk or high-value neighborhoods around areas. So how does one adequately protect their property from threats? Security of Spain Exterior Home Security Shutters reinforce your windows and doors and are an excellent way to maintain peace of mind in the face of these threats. They are very strong and difficult to circumvent. The vast majority of casual home burglars or other predators will not bother with a home that has deployed security shutters and move on to an easier target. Whether you have a home in the heart of Benalmadena or Fuengirola or a detached luxury villa in Marbella, we can offer you additional protection. 

A Great Choice for Your Home or Business

Motorized security shutter systems are superior to regular steel “roll-up” doors! When thinking about security shutters, many people imagine rows of ugly storefronts protected by dirty and ugly galvanized steel roller shutters. These steel doors are chain operated and are noisy and require maintenance to keep their joints working effectively. Steel rolling shutters have a very industrial appearance and are generally inappropriate for modern homes, office buildings and shops.

Security of Spain security shutters feature all-aluminium construction and provide the most effective and attractive solution for your property. The shutters are quiet, attractive and maintenance-free. Our window security shutters are also a great “canvas” for custom paint and artwork options to market your business and expand your local brand awareness. The security shutters will look great and protect you no matter what the outside world brings. We also provide a repair and maintenance facility for this type of installation here on the Costa del Sol. Both for private and commercial customers.

Rejas, Scissor Gates & Grilles

Windows and side doors are prime targets for potential intruders to force entry into your property, so adding that extra layer of security is vital. At Security of Spain we work all along the Costa del Sol from Mijas Costa to Marbella, designing and installing a range of security gates and grilles intended to improve the security of your property’s most vulnerable points of entry without negatively impacting the aesthetics.

The security gates and grilles are unique in that they combine the high levels of safeguarding you would expect from durable steel security products, with the flexibility to customize the finishes to suit the style of your property. We supply a range of mesh, barred and ornamental grilles.

Scissor gates are as secure as a fixed reja/grille but give you the convenience to be able to open them. With the scissor gate being hinged, you can also fold them back against the wall giving you a clear view from your property.

You will find that the scissor gates we supply all come with high security keys as standard and can be operational by one key if you have more than one scissor gate installed.

Our scissor gates come with a powder coated finish which is far more superior to paint. The powder coating will protect from rusting and is available in many colours. They can also be made to many different Ral codes to match your community colours.

High Security Fencing

Mesh Fencing is a popular type of permanent security fencing and is often seen protecting sites all over the Europe. Mesh Fencing offers a high level of security, whilst blending in with the surrounding environment with it’s sleek and modern wire mesh design. It can be used for almost any type of application; from urbanizations to schools and universities, through to industrial estates and airports. All steel Mesh Fencing is made from high quality galvanized steel and is supplied with an extra protective Powder Coating finish. Get in touch if you would like to know more about mesh fencing for your Costa del Sol home!

Parking Posts


This fantastic parking post is perfect for any type of garage or underground parking. It keeps vehicles in the correct spaces and creates a protection from other car owners parking in your space.

In the summer everyone is always looking to park their hire car and don’t mind if they steal your space! Stop them now!

We have supplied these to many happy customers in Fuengirola and Marbella who are now able to go out knowing they will come back to THEIR private parking space!


A parking post can be used anywhere that you need that extra layer of protection or that extra measure of security. We do advise asking permission from your administrators or president prior to installation. It is commonly used in lots and garages where vehicles are kept.


This product is carefully crafted from high quality materials. Its finish is coated with epoxy powder, making it tough and weatherproof. The bright yellow colour is eye-catching and easily visible to all drivers. The colour provides enough warning on its own most of the time, keeping both vehicles and this item safe. But even if a vehicle does hit this product, it is strong enough to keep the vehicle from entering the your area, it can also protect a vehicle from any harm if it is used to block something. This product comes with a security lock for further protection. It also includes 3 keys.


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