Welcome Back to the Costa!

Welcome Back to the Costa!  The good news is that we are seeing more international visitors arrive here in Spain. More travel corridors are opening up between Spain and other countries, and with the roll out of the vaccines, more people are allowed to travel quarantine free.

Welcome Back to the Costa!

For some of these visitors it could not have come soon enough. Many have had second homes in Spain for many years, but have been restricted in being able to visit them. The lockdown rules in Span early on in the pandemic were very strict which meant no tourism. That coupled with the rules in each country meant that for many months, there were hardly any tourists or visitors in Spain from outside the country. Homeowners who lived outside of Spain were essentially stranded and could not get to their holiday homes. They were left empty and in many cases, without a management company to look after them.

Then there were many stories in the papers about squatters moving into vacant homes. In fact, we can confirm that they were not just stories, in some cases they were true. We were used to change locks on some of these properties.

All in all, these homeowners were left in fear of what they would come back to.

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    Now that some are returning, many of them have breathed a huge sigh of relief as these properties were like the Mary Celeste, and just the way they left them almost over a year ago. For some there has been some problems getting into their homes.

    A lock on a door is a mechanism, just like the engine in a car is a ‘mechanism’. If you did not start or drive your car for a year, when you get in things like the brakes would have seized up, and parts of the engine would have likely seized up too. Well, a lock can be the same. If it is left unused, unturned and unmaintained for a long period of time it can simply seize up.

    Many of the calls we received when people started to return were in fact from people that could not turn their locks. Thankfully it is something we are used to here at Security of Spain. Our locksmiths were able to get the locks working again or in the worst cases, replace them completely.

    If you have any lock issues in your home on the Costa del Sol just give us a call. We are one of the leading and most experienced locksmiths based in Mijas and covering the main resorts of the Costa del Sol between Marbella and Benalmadena.


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