Stay Safe During Lockdown

It is with sadness that we feel the need to write this article, but we have had calls from a few customers in total distress and bewilderment and need to share some of this information with you.

We are all going through the most unprecedented times and experiencing something we thought we would only ever see in films. The stress of being confined to homes, the sudden lack of work for many and an uncertain short-term future are all adding to these stress levels.

So when we get calls like the ones we have from some customers, it has left us in total bewilderment as to how some people can use such a time to take advantage of people that are already experiencing stress like never before.

To a thief, robbing people of their hard cash and goods is a ‘job’. It is their way of earning an income and with less people out on the street, pickpockets and muggers are now without an income and turning to other ways to keep their ‘cash flow’ going.

Home Security

We have received calls from some customers that have had their houses virtually ransacked while they were inside.

Thieves are operating during the lockdown because they simply don’t care. They are seeing this as an opportunity, knowing that there are valuables, wallets and even cash in properties, whereas they might not have been so much before the lockdown because of the natural distribution of people .

These thieves are choosing the moments when occupants might be all together in a lounge (for example) watching TV or playing games to help pass the time. They can the easily break into other rooms and help themselves to your valuables without you knowing until you return to these rooms, by which time they are long gone.

Many people are leaving doors or windows open while they sleep or are in other parts of the property, and this is an easy and ideal way for these thieves to get into your home.

Just because you are at home isn’t a deterrent!

Business Security

With many business premises left unoccupied during the lockdown, these buildings and offices are easy targets for thieves. With computers and other expensive equipment in offices and buildings, it is an Aladdin’s cave for these professionals.

Police and other security personnel are side-tracked enforcing the lockdown so again, it is leaving these thieves with lots more opportunity than they had before.

How can we help?

We offer a range of home security and business security options from better more durable locks to security gates and grilles as well as rejas. We can even install safes in homes and offices to help keep important valuables and equipment safe should the property happen to be broken in to.

If you are located anywhere between Benalmadena and Marbella and need to add some additional security measures to your home or business, please get in touch so we can talk you through some of your options.

Also, if you have already had an issue and need to change locks or implement additional security, please call and we will tell you what we can do to help.