Security Tips from your Fuengirola Locksmith

Security Tips from your Fuengirola Locksmith - Security of Spain

Security Tips from your Fuengirola Locksmith. Fuengirola is a very popular tourist destination, in fact it has been since the late 1960’s. People from all over Europe descend on the town during the summer to enjoy its long sandy beach and famous promenade.

Security Tips from your Fuengirola Locksmith - Security of Spain
Security Tips from your Fuengirola Locksmith – Security of Spain

Security Tips from your Fuengirola Locksmith

We all know that when we get ourselves into ‘holiday’ mode we get relaxed. Sometimes that means that we often don’t pay quite as much attention to what we are doing as we might normally.  You are on holiday though, so it doesn’t matter, that is what holidays are for. But sometimes that absent mindedness can lead to a few difficult situations.

This article takes a look at some of the common issues that arise EVERY summer and also some tips to avoid them. The most common phone call we get in the summer here at Security of Spain is from holiday property renters when the door has slammed shut. Being on the coast it is very common for the wind to suddenly whip up and catch hold of door, slamming it shut while the renters are outside.

Being an emergency locksmith in Fuengirola we are always on call so that we can help distressed tourists/tenants get back into the property. For us, this type of job is relatively straightforward.

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    Read our basic security tips and, hopefully, you won’t need to call Security of Spain!  If things go wrong, however, we’re here to help with keys, locks and all aspects of home security.  Our call out service is fast and efficient.  We’re professional and courteous and will get you indoors with the minimum of inconvenience.  Security of Spain… you can rely on us!

    Security Tip 1:  Be Prepared

    Right down this phone number or save it in your phone +34 636 770 865.

    Security Tip 2:  Prevention is Better than Cure

    This is more about prevention. If there are two sets of keys, then always make sure that they are on individual people. It sounds so obvious buy sadly one set of keys is often in a drawer in the property for ‘safe’ keeping.  Another common call we receive is from people that have left the keys in the lock and slammed the door. They might well have another set on them but with most locks, you will not be able to open the lock while the keys are still on the inside of the door.

    This is slightly more complex than just leaving your keys in the house, however it is a common issue we deal with. Even with permanent residents and we can usually have you back inside in no time at all.

    Security Tip 3:  A Little Thought

    Hopefully you have already implemented TIP ONE and added in your phone, under Locksmith Fuengirola, the emergency phone number above.  This tip is mainly a mindset one. Get into the habit of leaving the keys on a shelf or key holder, not in the lock. That will then stop this even becoming an issue.

    Another common call out during the holiday season here in Fuengirola is people getting stuck on the terraces or in gardens. It is very easily done!

    People enjoy a drink or cigarette on the terrace or garden and pull the sliding doors across, only to hear the latch fall into place. Now they are left not being able to get back into the house and in many cases too high up to climb down or in a garden with no scalable walls.

    Luckily these days most people have their mobile phones on them ALL of the time, wherever they are. A quick call to someone in the house or apartment to let them know what has happened will get you back inside. However, many times we are called out because the whole group are on the terrace or in the garden.

    You will not believe the number of times we get panicked calls from someone who has looked up English Locksmith Fuengirola on their phone and found our number and called us. Being an emergency service we have helped many very grateful holiday makers get back into their properties, at ALL times of day and night.

    Security Tip 4:  Keep you Phone with You

    When you go into the garden or on the terrace always make sure you have you mobile phone with you. That way, if you do close the door by mistake, you can call your friends or Security of Spain!

    As you can imagine we have many stories to tell and we will share some with you over the next few weeks to help you avoid the same fate and hopefully give you a little smile at the same time too!

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