Nine Reasons You Need A Locksmith

Nine Reasons You Need A Locksmith - Security of Spain, Emergency & Security Services

Nine Reasons You Need A Locksmith.  Most of us don’t need a locksmith too often, but when we do need one, we need a reliable and professional one.  A locksmith with genuine knowledge and experience, a locksmith who can be trusted to do the right job, and do it well.  And that, is Security of Spain!

Nine Reasons You Need A Locksmith - Security of Spain, Emergency & Security Services
Nine Reasons You Need A Locksmith – Security of Spain, Emergency & Security Services

Nine Reasons You Need A Locksmith

After the troubles of the last couple of years, we’re looking forward to seeing people come back over to enjoy our beautiful Costa del Sol again. Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Calahonda, La Cala, Marbella and the rest of the Costa del Sol, are popular tourist destinations with people from all over the world coming to enjoy the beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, incredible food and friendly locals.

It’s a safe place to visit, live, and work, but there are times when we want our homes, holiday homes, or businesses to feel or be more secure.  Security of Spain can help with that, whether it’s for a security audit, routine maintenance, or emergency services.

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    Nine Reasons You Need A Locksmith

    Security of Spain are here to help with all the security concerns you may have about your home or workplace.  We are well-versed in property here on the Costa del Sol and, with our 35+ years of experience, can offer you a professional, reliable and competitively prices service.  We offer free site surveys and give only sound advice, so selling tactics, just honest, objective ideas to secure your property.  Here are our nine reason you need a locksmith…

    Lost or Stolen Keys

    Perhaps the most common reason people call a locksmith is because they’ve lost their keys. The average person will misplace 9 things every day and, with busy lives, holiday heads and frequent trips outside to enjoy the beautiful Costa del Sol weather, keys are often amongst them. Also, if you’re worried about security after misplacing your keys, a locksmith can even upgrade your locks.

    Moving Into a New Home

    Did you recently buy a home, apartment, or villa? Many people assume that a new (or new to them) home is a secure home, but the reality is you don’t know how many people have copies of your keys. Previous owners, builders, maintenance workers, estate agents etc could all potentially carry copies of your keys, so for your security and peace of mind, one of the first things you’ll want to do after buying a home or holiday home is to change or rekey all the locks.

    Broken Keys

    Just like anything else, over time keys and locks alike can begin to wear down and will require replacement. Frequent use, sea salt air, and friction can cause a key to break off in a lock, and although quite frustrating, is a relatively simple fix for a locksmith who can replace the lock and provide you with new keys.

    Damaged Locks

    Similar to broken keys, normal wear and tear can cause a lock itself to become damaged to the point of needing replacement. If your lock consistently has difficulty locking or unlocking, it’s probably best to speak with a locksmith and have it replaced. Attempted break-ins also typically mean damaged locks and you’ll need to consult with your locksmith to have them replaced.

    Installing Single-Key Access

    No one wants to carry around a pocketful of keys to all the different doors, windows and gates to their home, holiday home or business.  A locksmith can resolve this by replacing all the locks you need and rekey them with a single key, making everything accessible via one key alone. A great advantage, especially if you travel frequently and want to minimize everything you have to take with you when leaving and returning to your home or holiday home.

    Getting Locked Out

    Stepped out to your garden or balcony for a quick second only to have a gust of wind slam the door behind you locking you out? Don’t feel bad, it’s very common! If you’re outside and your keys are inside, an emergency locksmith can get you back in.

    Upgrading Home Security

    Traditional locks and keys aren’t the only option you have when it comes to your home security. Locksmiths can now install keyless entry to your home, holiday home, or business. More secure, as it’s nearly impossible for someone to gain access, keyless entry offers great peace of mind, especially those with families or holiday homeowners who leave their vacation homes unattended for longer periods of time. If this appeals to you, your locksmith can discuss your personal situation and provide you with options on how to best upgrade your locks with keyless entry.

    Forgotten Combinations

    It’s not advisable to write down any of the passwords or combinations that you use in your life, but that means that we’re also susceptible to forgetting them. It’s something that most of us will do at some point in our life, but it’s nothing to fret over. If you have an electronic lock but also a momentary lapse in memory, an emergency locksmith can help you reset and recode the pin, password or code to your keyless entry lock.

    Security Audits

    The Costa del Sol is a safe place to live and work, but if you want to be proactive when it comes to the security of your home, holiday home or business, a locksmith can conduct a security audit to analyze your current security measures in place and make suggestions on how to improve them.

    Security of Spain is an English-speaking certified locksmith based in Mijas and covering all the Costa del Sol with traditional and emergency locksmith services. With extensive training, experience and ethics, Security Of Spain is available to help you with our fast and reliable locksmith services.


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