Emergency Locksmiths

Locked Out

Emergency Locksmiths.  Call 636 770 865 for a speedy, reliable and professional emergency locksmith service. Security of Spain can help you when you need us!  ‘Lost your keys?  We’ll get you back in!  Emergency lock repairs. Security specialists.  Covering the Costa del Sol.

Emergency Locksmiths

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There are many services that we really hope exist but in reality, hope we never need to use.  Ambulances, fire services, roadside assistance etc. They are all important and essential services but we know when we need to call one, it is because there is a situation, we probably don’t want to be in.

An emergency locksmith is also one of those types of services; we know they exist and we are glad they exist, but if we are calling one out in the middle of the night it is probably because we have locked ourselves out or lost our keys.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Security of Spain (SOS for short) has been providing professional locksmith services for many years here on the Costa del Sol. From their Mijas location, they are centrally located for quick and easy access to most of the coast with their core work coming from Benalmadena through to Marbella.

Although recent years were very different to any others in history due to ‘lockdowns’ and virtually no visitors, SOS is still one of the go-to locksmiths for emergency call outs.  Darren and his team are always on standby to assist anyone that needs to regain access to their properties, no matter what time of day or night. They have built up a huge list of very satisfied customers over the years and it is this that makes then the first choice locksmith on the Costa del Sol.

Not Just Emergencies

Although SOS are the recommended emergency locksmiths, we do far more than just tend to people in distress. The reputation of SOS means they are also the number one choice when it comes to more general locksmith services like changing locks, home security surveys, installing safes and installing home security, steel window grilles and scissor gates.

As we all know, the Costa del Sol is a haven for holiday makers.  Sadly, this can also attract a less desirable element to the area.  Apartments, houses and villas with poor security will always be at risk of intrusion, if it’s known that the properties are empty.  Robust – and visible – home security will firstly, deter any would-be intruder, but also make it particularly difficult to actually get in to your property.  Scissor gates are a fantastic way to secure your home – especially if your home is on the ground floor.

NOW is a good time to review your home security on the Costa del Sol and take up one of our surveys. We will highlight any areas of weakness or concern and help you fix them.

This article is written for Security of Spain, recommended locksmiths based in Mijas on the Costa del Sol. See the contact page for more information.

Security Specialists

At Security of Spain, we’re dedicated to keeping our good clients!  We offer the best quality security shutters, window and door grilles and scissor gates at very reasonable prices.  We are security specialists, we’ve been doing this job for over 35 years, 16 right here on the coast!  We know about the common pitfalls of properties on the Costa and we know the best ways to secure your home or workplace to guarantee peace of mind.

We’ve designed and installed hundreds of sets of scissor gates between San Pedro and Málaga over the past decade and a half.  We’re happy to say that all of our clients are happy clients – and return to us when our services are needed.


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